Corelle® MilkGlass™ Rutherford 23-ounce Meal Bowls, 4-pack

With a bold botanical pattern in burnt sienna, this is the perfect way to enjoy any casual meal.

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The perfect complement to the rest of the Rutherford collection, these meal bowls are stunning in burnt sienna. With a touch of bohemian flair, this is the perfect way to enjoy a meal at the table or on the couch, depending on your mood.

  • Any occasion: fun and stylish design for everyday meals and entertaining at home
  • For any meal: high rims are ideal for the one-bowl foods we eat today
  • One-bowl meals: perfect for pastas, your favorite poke, or your own designer salad
  • The better choice: ultra-hygienic, non-porous and easy to clean
  • Eco-friendly: made from pure natural glass
  • Built to last: durable and chip-resistant finish
  • Works hard: microwave and dishwasher safe
  • Made in China
  • 1-year limited warranty

Set Includes

Item Quantity Dimension Capacity
Meal Bowls 4 8.5'' diameter x 1.5'' high 23 ounces


Read and save these instructions for best results with your new dinnerware.


These instructions apply to Corelle® Everyday opal glass products.


Note: for Corelle Vitrelle, Corelle Coordinates and Corelle Nature, refer to those separate Safety, Use and Care instructions.


Safety Warning

All dinnerware can break, including glass plates and bowls. You can help prevent damage and personal injury by following these guidelines.


1. When used near extreme heat, glass dinnerware can break.

DO NOT use with:






Convection Oven



BBQ Grill

Microwave Browning Element

Stovetop Pressure Cooker

Toaster/Countertop Oven

Air Fryer

Slow Cooker/Crockpot

Rice Cooker

Grilling Appliance

Pressure Cooker


Direct Heating Source

Open Flames

Camping Stove


2. When heated or cooled too rapidly, glass dinnerware can break.


While cooking, DO NOT:

After cooking, DO NOT:

Transfer directly from freezer to microwave

Add liquid to hot items

Use to microwave popcorn

Microwave while empty

Microwave a tiny amount of food

Overheat oil or butter in the microwave

Use for foods with browning wrappers

Use to boil water (see note 2)

Place hot items in sink

Place hot items on a metal stove grate

Place hot items on a wet or cold surface

Handle hot items with a wet or cold cloth



  1. The safest place for hot items to cool is on a cooling rack, dry potholder or dry cloth.
  2. DO NOT boil water in any Corelle item on a stovetop.


3. If handled or cleaned improperly, glass dinnerware can scratch or develop fine cracks, and can eventually break.


When handling, DO NOT:

When cleaning, DO NOT:

Bump against hard objects

Attempt to repair when cracked

Use abrasive cleanser or abrasive scouring pads

Clean with hard objects, such as metal



  1. If items break, USE CARE when picking up sharp pieces to avoid cuts.



Your dinnerware is designed for serving food, and can also be used for reheating and storing food.


Can be used in:

Glass Dinnerware






  1. Handle hot items with a potholder or dry cloth.



Cleaning carefully will help keep your dinnerware in good condition.


Can be cleaned:

Glass Dinnerware


Hand washing

Cleaning pads

Plastic or nylon only


Non-abrasive only



  1. Before first use, wash dinnerware items thoroughly.
  2. Allow items to cool before placing in sink or water.
  3. When using a dishwasher, load items to avoid bumping against other items.


IN CASE OF PROBLEMS Please do not return this item to the store. We will work with you directly to resolve any problems, within the limits of the warranty for this product. We are committed to quality products and superior customer service.

For more information, check our Consumer Care Center.







Corelle® Everyday Opal Glass Dinnerware


Corelle Brands LLC, an Instant Brands company, promises to replace any CORELLE Everyday opal glass dinnerware item with a manufacturing defect within ONE year from date of purchase. CORELLE stoneware mugs are not included in this warranty. If the exact item is not available, it will be replaced with a comparable item. The foregoing warranties only apply to products damaged during normal household use. These warranties do not cover damage resulting from misuse, negligence, accidental breakage or attempted repair. For these warranties to apply, the owner must follow the applicable Safety, Use and Care instructions. Incidental and consequential damages are expressly excluded from this Warranty. Some jurisdictions do not allow this exclusion or limitation, so the above may not apply to you. These warranties give you specific legal rights. You may also have other rights, which vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. This warranty is applicable to CORELLE products purchased through authorized dealers in each country, and void for CORELLE products purchased from other parties.


Should a warranty problem develop, contact Consumer Care at KEEP THE PRODUCT; you may be asked to return it.

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